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 m.t. s.r.l. – manufacturing of driven toolholders
RESEARCH AND INNOVATION - MADE IN ITALY. M.T. S.r.l. operates in the field of the design and manufacturing of static and driven toolholders for CNC turning centers, as well as a prime contractor for third party mechanical machining.. The continuous research of advanced production technologies allows us to offer to our customers innovative and effective solutions.

 static tool holders made in italy - tool turret systems
static tool holders made in italy - tool turret systems static turrets made in italy - static tool holders made in italy - tool turret systems These are the strengths that make Duplomatic Automation one of the world leaders in the production of a wide range of different kinds of static and driven tool turrets for Turning Centers, and B axis turn-mill units for ...

 tool turret systems
static tool holders made in italy; driven tool holders made in italy; driven tool turrets; tool discs made in italy; rotary tables made in italy; vertical axis turret; radial driven turret; electromechanical turrets; servo motor turrets; turn mill turret; b axis turret made in italy; Last Search Plugin 2.03.

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 m.t. s.r.l. – products - m.t. s.r.l. – manufacturing ...
More than 8.000 products in our catalogue. With more than 8.000 different models available, M.T. can offer a complete range of static and driven toolholders to satisfy every possible machining need.We have available products for all more prestigious brands of slant bed lathes, both with disc or star type turret and also for flat bed lathes as well as multispindle and swiss type.

 md tooling – precision live & static tooling
live tool holders broaching / slotting tools mtsk quick change system steady rest static tool holders gear hobbing adjustable angle accessories IT'S IN STOCK Extensive range of driven, static and specialty tooling in stock and ready to ship.

 tool holder for mazak lathes
mazak super quick turn sqt-15am dia.40 turret radial, mazak sqt10 12d mazak 15 16 tools mazak 200 mazak 250 16 tools mazak qtn100 mazak qtn150 40, static, n/s Tool holders for MAZAK. Tool holders for MAZAK lathe.

 multiple toolholders - wto-tools
Multiple Toolholders. Static and driven multiple toolholders to multiply the available tools on turning centers with Y axis. The enhancement of available cutting tools allows the production of more complex and a more comprehensive range of work pieces on a turning center without changing the machine set-up. Benefits.

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