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 vertical axis electromechanical turrets - baruffaldi
TAN Vertical Axis Electromechanical Turrets - Introduction. TAN Torrette Elettromeccaniche ad Asse Verticale - Introduzione. TAN series turrets consist of a fixed basis and a rotating head both of hardened and grinded steel.

 te electromechanical turrets guide - baruffaldi
TE Electromechanical Turrets - Introduction. TE Torrette Elettromeccaniche - Introduzione. The TE turrets, horizontal vertical axis units, are fully electromechanical. A single AC Motor drives the unlocking movement, rotation, positioning and locking movement.

 electromechanical turrets for machine tool - baruffaldi
Electromechanical turrets. Turrets with totally electromechanical operation both for rotation and docking. They do not require any addittional hydraulic or pneumatic component for functioning.

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 ordina online electromechanical turrets - sogimut
Electromechanical turrets and tool-posts. Two brands such as PRAGATI stand out in this category, with different proposals of Electromechanical & Hydraulic turrets and Automatic Tool changer, and HOLSON with a wide range of Quick change Toolposts and Components. We’re always here for you.

 bsv-n - electro mechanical turrets - tool turret systems
Electro Mechanical turrets. BSV-N. Description: Project of proven reliability by decades of applications in the world, the BSV-N turrets are fully electromechanically operated, driven by a simple AC motor. Economical solutions for medium volume production machines. Electromechanical operated. Cam/rollers system for clamping/unclamping.

 electromechanical turrets - tool turret systems
TAN series turrets is fully electromechanical and consist of a fixed basis and a rotating head both made of hardened and ground steel. A single 3-phase asynchronous motor controls release, rotation, positioning and locking. TAN series turrets can be mounted with the axis in horizontal, vertical or slanting position. Turrets can.

 blue series - sauter feinmechanik
Blue series. The electromechanical disc-type tool turrets of this series have been successfully in service for many years. They need neither hydraulics nor pneumatics for locking and unlocking and represent exceptional value for money. With the Sauter control unit, they are easily controlled. An additional AC servomotor is required when using ...

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