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 sm(a) - servomotor turrets - tool turret systems
The SM (A) turrets are driven by a brushless servomotor, with a clamping system hydraulically or pneumatically operated. Thanks to fast and soft indexing and high performances, they are specially conceived for high-production machines. Driven by servomotor. Pneumatically or hydraulically operated. Fast (SM) and superfast (SMA) indexing times.

 linea michelangelo - tab servo turrets - baruffaldi
LINEA MICHELANGELO – TAB Servo turrets. TAB is a vertical axis turret with bi-directional positioning, no body lifting during the indexing rotation, really simple design, really high performances and request a minimum maintenance.. They use a fully hydraulic locking system and rotate thanks to a BRUSHLESS SERVO MOTOR controlled by a SERVO DRIVE.. Turrets can carry 4/6 tool holders as per DIN ...

 servo motor turrets - tool turret systems
The turret rotates and positions thanks to an internal Brushless Servo Motor (M) fully controlled by our safe and stable Servo Drive type DMS08. When hydraulic oil pressure acts in chamber (B), locking ring (C) moves upwards, disengaging hirth teeth rings. The turret is thus ready for tool change. servomotor turrets - tool turret systems.

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 tab vertical axis servo turrets guide - baruffaldi
4 - BARUFFALDI TAB Vertical Axis Servo Turret - Introduction TAB Torretta Servo ad Asse Verticale- Introduzione Caratteristiche principali: • • • • They use a fully hydraulic locking system and rotate thanks to a BRUSHLESS SERVO MOTOR controlled by a SERVO DRIVE. un TAB turrets are bi-directional, without tool holder body lifting during the indexing rotation, simple

 servomotor turrets - tool turret systems
Turrets Production for Turn/Mill Center. A Technical service focused on the Customer’s needs up to the maximum customization of the product and the highest level of supply flexibility. A widespread presence on the global market through an extensive commercial network, and distribution centres and ...

 stp servo turret - pragati - pdf catalogs - directindustry
STP Servo Turret. Catalog excerpts. IPIEMBMR7 Main Features • Fast and smooth indexing of heavy tool disc through servo motor drive. • Hydraulic power for clamping ensures high rigidity. • Turret can be interfaced with any CNC system. • Interchangeable with BTP series turrets. 1)Tool Disc 2) Servo Turret 3) Servo Motor (Pragati Scope of ...

 disc tool turret - stp series - pragati - hydraulic / servo-driven
Stepless fast and shockless indexing with servo motor. Turret clamp through hydraulic power allows higher rigidity and stability Interchangable with BTP series turrets. Supplied with Servo Motor and Servo Drive which can be interfaced with machine CNC system. 8, 10 or 12 positions option. No catalogs are available for this product.

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