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 turn-mill turrets with y-axis - tool turret systems
Turrets Production for Turn/Mill Center. A Technical service focused on the Customer’s needs up to the maximum customization of the product and the highest level of supply flexibility. A widespread presence on the global market through an extensive commercial network, and distribution centres and ...

 tmy - turn-mill turrets with y-axis - tool turret systems
Turrets Production for Turn/Mill Center. ... › Modular concept for different turret types applications Technical information I.T. 6471. Documentation: Download --> Ask for more informations. Click to enlarge. Click to enlarge. We are a Global presence.

 turret type mill turn centers - toolex 2020 | mts exhibition
Turret Type Mill Turn Centers. A turn and mill machine is also known as a CNC turning center; this is a machine tool capable of both turning and milling functions and rotates a work piece on an axis of rotation to perform various, machining operations such as cutting and turning assisted by the existence of turret.

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 quicktech t8hy hybrid twin turrets y-axis turn/mill centers
QuickTECH’s T8 HYBRID is a 9 axis twin spindle CNC mill/turn center with 2 turning spindles, 2 live milling spindles, B axis, and a minimum capacity of 38 tools. This machine’s Flexible Duo ...

 cnc turn-mill multitasking machine i turning center i mylas
The 12-position turret, driven by a Fanuc servo motor, in combination with the C-axis function, allows this CNC turn-mill turning center to perform efficient milling, drilling, turning and tapping ...

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