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 tool turrets - sauter feinmechanik
Whether of the disc, head or crown type, tool turrets bearing the Sauter name not only constitute a reliable, precise interface between machine and tool, but also offer a welcome benefit from the standpoint of productivity. Sauter Feinmechanik GmbH. Carl-Zeiss-Straße 7. D-72555 Metzingen. Phone: +49 (0) 7123 926-0.

 tooling - sauter feinmechanik
Tool turrets and tooling - the dream team from a single source Whether driven tools, tool holders or quick change systems - when it comes to turning, Sauter has the solutions. Needless to say our products are perfectly matched in a way that guarantees unequalled standards of efficiency, reliability and consistently high productivity.

 tbmr radial driven tool turrets guide - baruffaldi
The TBMR turrets, (TB with Radial Driven Tool), using tool discs with VDI tooling system (according to ISO 10889) or with BMT tooling system (Base Mounted Tool Holder). Main Characteristics: • VDI Tooling size: 20-30-40-50-60 • BMT Tooling size: 45-55-65-75-85 • High speed of the driven tool system up to 6000 rpm

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 sauter feinmechanik the expert for rotating axes.
SAUTER tool turrets are unsurpassed in the Global market and the number one choice based on proven reliability, high productivity levels, and cost effectiven-ess. Either for driven tools, static tool holders or quick-changing systems – SAUTER tooling has been fully geared towards being the best in class backed up by performance data.

 ecoline series tbhma axial driven tool turrets guide - baruffaldi
TBHMA Axial Driven Tool Turret - Introduction TBHMA Torretta con Utensili Motorizzati Assiali - Introduzione The TBHMA turrets, (TBH with Axial Driven Tool), has been designed in order to match the needs and the continuous evolution of the CNC lathe market. This turret type using tool discs according to ISO 10889 (ex DIN 69880) norms.

 tema axial driven tool turrets guide - baruffaldi
TEMA Turrets – Driven tool unit technical data Torrette TEMA – Dati tecnici unità motorizzata Massima copia nominale motore (S1) Ratio: RPM motor : RPM take power Size Taglia TEMA160 TEMA200 TEMA250 VDI size Taglia VDI 30 40 50 Max speed of driven tool Velocità massima motorizzazione rpm 6000 5000 5000

 products - tool turret systems
Electro Mechanical turrets. Servomotor turrets. Direct motor turrets. Vertical turrets. B axis units. Turn-mill turrets with Y-axis. Custom applications. Accessories. Automatic hydraulic copying devices- tool turrets and B-Axis units - sophisticated models for different machine tool applications.

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