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 driven tools - gerardi spa
Driven tools for CNC turning centres allows milling, drilling and tapping operations on the lathes without additional parts handling. Also in this case Gerardi can supply a wide range of types in order to equip the CNC lathes and turrets of the most popular builders on the market with an unbeatable price/quality ratio. Range of driven tools types

 bmt-tooling - sauter feinmechanik
The fully-automatic Robofix® interface from SAUTER, the world’s market leader in tool turrets, enables turrets to be set up with driven and static tools with minimum manpower for the first time.

 tooling - sauter feinmechanik
Tool turrets and tooling - the dream team from a single source Whether driven tools, tool holders or quick change systems - when it comes to turning, Sauter has the solutions. Needless to say our products are perfectly matched in a way that guarantees unequalled standards of efficiency, reliability and consistently high productivity.

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 driven tools - sauter feinmechanik
Sauter anti-rotation element (pat.): the optimum interface for Sauter turrets and spindle heads type 0.5.941. Universal shank design (double tooth system): for right and left use in the tool disc; External cooling lubricant supply: can be individually installed and secured

 dm-tr* series - duplomatic automation - pdf catalogs | technical ...
RADIAL DRIVEN TOOL TURRET The new DM-TR radial driven tool turrets have been developed strictly applying the Value Engineering technique, taking benefits of design similarity, reduced number of components and common parts, for a lean mechanical design. Advanced technology and modern solution for heavy duty CNC Turning Centers.

 tool turrets - sauter feinmechanik
Tool turrets. Whether of the disc, head or crown type, tool turrets bearing the Sauter name not only constitute a reliable, precise interface between machine and tool, but also offer a welcome benefit from the standpoint of productivity.

 tool turret systems
These are the strengths that make Duplomatic Automation one of the world leaders in the production of a wide range of different kinds of static and driven tool turrets for Turning Centers, and B axis turn-mill units for Multitask Machines. The aim of the adopted quality system is the provision of a product with the characteristics of the utmost ...

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