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 tooling - sauter feinmechanik
Tooling. Sauter turrets and Sauter tooling, individually or combined they are in a class of their own – a solid foundation for precise, rapid production. Use them together and you have the perfect Sauter fit. Tool turrets and tooling - the dream team from a single source.

 tool turret systems
These are the strengths that make Duplomatic Automation one of the world leaders in the production of a wide range of different kinds of static and driven tool turrets for Turning Centers, and B axis turn-mill units for Multitask Machines. The aim of the adopted quality system is the provision of a product with the characteristics of the utmost ...

 head-type turrets - sauter feinmechanik
Head type turrets. The optimum choice for tool post applications: our head turrets are particularly suitable for use with classic heavy-duty lathes and vertical and flat-bed lathes; also in combination with disc turrets.

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 tool turrets - sauter feinmechanik
Tool turrets. Whether of the disc, head or crown type, tool turrets bearing the Sauter name not only constitute a reliable, precise interface between machine and tool, but also offer a welcome benefit from the standpoint of productivity.

 bmt toolholding - haas automation inc.
Haas 12- and 24-station BMT65 turrets provide extra-rigid mounting for turning and boring tools to improve cutting performance, and offer additional tool clearance when working with a tailstock. Industry-standard toolholders install easily, without additional alignment, to reduce setup times.

 4000-rpm live tooling with 12-station bmt45 turret - haas automation inc.
This 4000-rpm Live Tooling option includes fully synchronized C-axis motion and a BMT45 turret, allowing you to perform secondary operations – milling, drilling, flatting, and tapping – on the face of the part and around the diameter. 12-station BMT45 turret Better tool clearance More rigid tool connection More tool choices and versatility

 tool turrets selection guide: types, features, applications - globalspec
Tool turrets are indexing tool holders for lathes, transfer machines, and other machine tools. They allow equipment to carry multiple cutting tools at one time and mount individual tools in the correct sequence. Tool turrets can replace a manual tool post or rotary indexer to improve processing efficiency and reduce setup costs.

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